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Meet our New Board!

On May 2, 2014, in Dems in Real Life, Featured, News Updates, by Austin Heyroth

The people have spoken and we have a new Executive Board for 2014-2015:

President: Austin Heyroth
Vice President: Sarah Schutz
Lead Activists: Cameron Fegers, Lucy Saldivar, Melissa Quintana, Kristen Gonzalez
Media Director: Jordana Narin
Treasurer: Darius Ansari
Secretary: Isabel Rothberg
Membership Director: Partha Sharma
Events Coordinator: Jess Swanson

We want to sincerely thank every single person who ran; It is not an easy thing to do! We also want to thank everyone who came out to vote and sat through almost three hours of elections. It may have taken forever, but the length is just a testament to how many people are enthusiastic and dedicated to Dems!


Democrats Clinic Defense!

On November 10, 2013, in Activism, Healthcare, Uncategorized, Women's Rights, by Swara Salih


Yesterday we took to the Bronx to defend Dr. Emily’s Women’s Health Center from protestors trying to intimidate women exercising their fundamental right to choose! While it is outrageous that this is still an issue in NYC, we were glad to go to support women seeking access to their healthcare.